Who’s More Dangerous, Me Or Fox News? Russel Brand The Trews (E134)


How is Fox News even a thing? Seriously, watch this.

thanks for posting this, i admit i didn’t think Russel Brand had anything to say worth listening to just a funny caricature of a person and now my opinion of him and drastically changed and I find myself having a lot of respect towards him.

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Mike 2x09 - Paige 2x10 parallels 

They had potential especially in season 1 but I don’t see a relationship surviving this, Mike has become worse then Briggs season 1 he doesn’t seem to comprehend the gravity of the wrong he has done unlike Briggs Mike is still the righteous FBI agent in his mind the only consequence he wanted desperately to avoid was Paige hating him I don’t think he fully comprehends just how far gone he is. At least Badillo’s wife has a grave she can go visit but thanks to Mike there is nothing left of this girl for those who will mourn her not even and urn of ashes he just erased her.

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officer “gof*ckyourself” being dismissed is a small victory but so many officers are breaking laws I hope as long as those with moral integrity and a conscious like Kweli and Jesse williams keep speaking out eventually more disciplinary action for police will follow because that is where the real problem is not that a “bottle was thrown” the police response to small infractions and the collateral damage they seem fine leaving in their wake is.

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